Virago: Part the Thirteenth — Confusion

First chapter: Fire & Rain

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They were fighting again. Kelsey and Hannah were always fighting. But usually, their arguments were a lot more passive aggressive than this one.

Arthur walked into the room just as Kelsey suggested that her sister leave the premises. He was aware that he should only interfere if the disagreement became physical. Watching the two, he felt rather sure that it wouldn’t get that far.

Kelsey’s eyes opened back up and she looked across at her sister with a sneer.

“So you’re still here. I guess you don’t actually mind being in this ‘hexed-up’ house after all.”

Hannah pursed her lips. Kelsey sighed, twisting her neck until she heard a satisfying crack. Arthur examined his Keepers’ faces. The likelihood of them getting past this argument was high. But there was also a likelihood the girls could end up fighting dirty.

“If I may,” he interjected. “I don’t think this is the time or place for whatever it is that you two wish to do.”

Kelsey looked at him. Neither sister said a word. And then, all of a sudden, Hiddleston came floating into the room. He seemed thoroughly distraught at this and made sure everyone heard his passionate protests.

“Seriously?” Hannah was exasperated. “I can’t deal with this shit at all.”

She tried to stand up but found there was a force holding her down.

Kelsey looked at Arthur. She wished he could register surprise but he just blinked at her.

“So, R2, do you still think that this shit isn’t supported by science?”

Arthur just looked at her.  “It isn’t.”

Kelsey sighed. “You can suck a fart, R2.” Hiddleston floated nearer to Hannah and landed precariously on her shoulder. He quickly pushed off and bolted from the room.

“Okay, look,” began Hannah. “We aren’t gonna be able to fight. Arthur won’t let us. And you shouldn’t disable him, either. So chill.”

Kelsey just glared at her.

“You’re just apologising because you’re scared of me.”

“Uh, yeah, Kels. I am. You idiot. Regardless of what you’ve done in the past and what you’e capable of now, you’re still my fucked up sister. It’s not worth it to have murder on your hands, I promise you that.”

“I could easily separate your flesh from your bones,” Kelsey stated nonchalantly.

“Th-that’s awesome, Kels. But look. How about we don’t kill each oth-“

“It’s cute how you said ‘we’. As if you would be able to even try to kill me.”

“Shut up for five seconds you imbecile!”

Arthur looked at the sisters. The sisters looked at each other.

“I don’t care if you stick around Turtle Creek or not, Hannah. I never kept you here. I never fucked with you. I wouldn’t waste the energy. Apparently my presence annoys you enough.”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Yeah. Whatever. I don’t know what made you go suddenly crazy, but chill. Out.”

“Well, you probably won’t believe me. But there were these apparitions which told me that my nemesis is the one whose closest to me. And that she would seek to destroy me. That she can’t be trusted.”

Hannah just blinked at her. “Are you serious? You really think we’re close? Like have you met us?”

“I-I mean… We’re close physically… Okay, you’ve got a good point.” Kelsey looked confused. “But then if it wasn’t you, then who is trying to get at me?”

Hannah shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t really care. That’s your shit to deal with. Now can you let me up from this stupid couch? I’d like to make sure Hiddleston is okay. And avoid wetting myself.”

Kelsey released her. She was thoroughly perplexed. Evidently, she had to speak with the spirits again in order to figure any of this out.

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