Tea & Review: Logan

The only unfortunate thing about the film Logan it is the last movie showcasing Hugh Jackman as everyone’s favorite mutant.

Overall, Logan is a big departure from what’s been expected of Marvel’s X-Men franchise.

Apocalypse was a bad movie. Sure, you could try to look for good moments (i.e. Michael Fassbender) but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot.

The movie Deadpool really opened up a lot for Logan. For a long time now superheroes have been good and shiny the way superheroes are “meant to be”.

But when Deadpool dropped Hollywood took a breath and stepped back. It was almost like they forgot what made certain superheroes so popular. Deadpool, for one, isn’t exactly a character that holds up the shiny, gloss like template like the many movies before.

With that in mind, the idea of a gritty, broken down superhero seemed like an obvious choice. Enter old man Logan.

The golden age of the X-Men is no more. Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is, well, mad. He’s muttering none sense and being heavily medicated by Logan who has basically taken up the job of Lyft driver to front the bills.

Logan is no longer the rough, fast, agile person we saw in Days of Futures Past. He’s a broken down man. He’s not the same man we learned to love him as. That Logan is no more. The Logan that remains has seen a lot of bad things happen, too many people died. Now, his entire existence is focused to keep Professor X alive.

These two characters have always had an intense relationship. Xavier brought Logan back from the edge of anger to become someone who is able to utilize his rage in a constructive way.

Now, in the present Logan’s whole life is about saving the man who saved him. Nothing else matters.

The unfortunate thing about this is that reduces Logan into something we as an audience aren’t familiar seeing. He’s unprepared. The majority of the film consists of things going wrong for him.

He can’t control Xavier’s manic episodes. He can’t control the fact that he can’t get rid of Laura aka X-23. He can’t control the fact that he can’t heal the way he used to. Logan is fighting a battle, against a current he has no chance of winning.

But let’s take a minute to address the other great part of this piece of art. X-23 is what you wanted as an idol in Elementary school. She doesn’t speak for a majority of the film but her presence instantly rivals that of her co-stars.

Logan does a really good job at teasing the audience. We’ve come to expect all the X-Men movies to “work out” magically. But even at the happiest of times in this movie, we are immediately shocked back into the storyline’s brutal reality.

We really see how deep Logan has to dig inside himself to do things now. As the audience, you really don’t know if he has it in him to do it.

Logan rewards X-Men fans with a gem. After a slew of hits and misses, Logan throws open the door for a new younger generation of X-Men while allowing the sun to set on the past.

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