Tea & Review: Attack on Titan: Season Two – Beast Titan + I’m Home

Attack on Titan‘s Season 2, Episode 1: Beast Titan throws us back into the hell behind and in front of the wall.

It has been four years since the Attack on Titan anime debuted in America and fans have been hungry for development since we last left Mikasa, Eren, and Armin.

Eren is still healing from his epic, Titan throwdown with Annie. But just because our main characters aren’t the focus of the season opener it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening.

Following the battle, it is discovered that there is a Titan built inside one of the protecting walls. We saw this at the tail end of the first season but seeing it again is still kind of freaky. Like, how long has the Titan been in there? How exactly do you build a wall without seeing a giant Titan? It seems unlikely. It also opens up the door of possibilities that the Titans have a deeper, more insidious relationship with the humans.

But in typical Titan fashion, the guts of the episode remain in the final, heart-pounding minutes.

Mike, who is apparently only second in skill to Levi (that says a lot in my opinion) is blurtally eatten to death by a bunch of Titans. But, not before we discover the strange Beast Titan speaks English, oh and murders a horse. This is a new development as before the Titans ignored the animals.

Before Mike is murdered, the Beast Titan takes his Maneuvering Device. Though, it seems strange considering there are at least three known Titans inside the Walls they are only now retrieving one.

In episode 2, I’m Home, we get some character backstory on everyone’s favorite food lover: Sasha.

We learn tat Sasha wasn’t the biggest fan of working with “outsiders” from beyond the forest but her father teaches her the importance of surviving beyond their own world.

Sasha discovers her old town vacant. It is then we see the disturbing sight of a little girl sitting calmly as a Titan snacks on her mother. There’s definitely a bit of a throwback to the first season’s opening episode in this scene when Eren’s mom dies.

Sasha tells the little girl to run and decides to hold off the Titan alone. This is a very unexpected, bad ass moment from Sasha. She hasn’t really done anything to think she’s capable of pushing herself to this kind of limit.

But the stressor of being home and the little girl seem to force Sasha to put all her training into action.

Sasha, literally one has four arrows. Two don’t do very much damage. The third hits the eye. Instead of wasting the attempt she tackles the Titan like a legit gangster and plunges the remaining arrow into the Titan’s eye.

Lucky for her, she runs into a band of men on horses (who have the little girl). To her surprise, her father is also among the men.

Next, Conny and the team reach his hometown. Everyone seems to be gone or dead. Then, we see it a giant Titan laying atop his home. The Titans legs are small, too small to support the body.

It is likely that whoever was inside the house is the one that became the Titan. Does this mean the Titans are a genetic human mutation or a sub-sect of human society that has been pushed aside for far too long?

It seems like the Titans are mounting a collosal move against the humans. Season Two screams The Empire Strikes Back on the “how-dark-is-it-scale” but time will tell.

The Titans are obviously way smarter in Titan form than was apparent before. What this means for the humans behind the walls – well, hopefully, episode 3 will start to enlighten us.

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