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Tea & Review: Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie movie.  The bulk of the movie takes place on the high-speed train, the KTX, as it leaves from Seoul to Busan.

The zombies in the movie are reminiscent of the ones in the cinematic version of World War Z or 28 Days.  They are a strong and swift horde that engulfs anyone in their path,  spreading the sickness within seconds of being bitten. In the realm of zombies, Train to Busan doesn’t offer anything new.  As an audience, we have seen these types of zombies before.  But the other aspects, like the pacing and characters that make it a blockbuster.

The pacing of the movie is well done.  The outbreak doesn’t happen suddenly, rather it builds into the catastrophe.

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Lurkers: The Almond Orchard

Lurkers: The Almond Orchard #1

By E. C. Henry

Left to the California Central Valley climate, the almond orchard withered. Neat rows of ghost trees remained, their branches twisted into a low canopy. The grass was tall and golden-brown.

Danny did not want to leave the road here. The gray branches against the darkening sky made this “forest” eerie but the tall grass was the real danger. His other choice was the bridge that crossed an irrigation canal. The canal was half full of thick black water, with something moving in it. Mosquitoes wafted up with the air. Not gonna risk getting in that drink. A rusted bridge spanned the canal. It was soft, for metal. His cautious toeing produced a squeal.

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