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Westworld is Not the New Westeros

I didn’t write about last week’s Westworld. Reason being, I wasn’t sure what to say. We’ve been stuck in this weird loop of questions: “What’s happening? Why is it happening? Who are these people?”

Despite my fascination with the series, I’ve grown a little frustrated. While the writers and producers have sprinkled hints of the “awakening” of the hosts, I’m finding that by episode four the plot is taking far too much of its sweet time. There are only ten episodes in this series after all.

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Westworld: Episode 2 – Chestnut

Warning! Spoilers! 

When we last left off in Westworld things were a little bit – up in the air?

We had thoroughly gone through several days of many of the “host” characters.

Dolores: the farmer’s daughter.

Teddy: Dolores’ (former?) lover. He gets killed a lot.

Abernathy: Dolores’ father who is pulled from a storyline after it becomes apparent that the upgrade has caused him to have less than normal host-like reactions.

Dolores is violently raped by one of the park’s visitors (played by Ed Helms) who in search of a different, hidden storyline somewhere within the Westworld Park. We’re not entirely sure what his deal is.

At the end of the previous episode, is comes to light that an update to the software has caused the hosts to act strangely. But now, now we come to realize that the many different ‘storylines’ the hosts have lived are now rising to the surface as actual memories and causing them to gain self-awareness.

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Westworld: When Software Updates Go Awry

Editor’s Note: Warning – Spoilers! 

I had little to no idea what Westworld was original, aside some a scatter of HBO related ads. But what I did hear of it: sci-fi, western immediately put me off a little.

What, so is this gonna be HBO doing their version of Joss Whedon’s Firefly?

By all accounts of the first episode, those fears were quickly dispelled.

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