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Tea & Review: Fiasco Theater Presents – Into the Woods

Into the Woods is what I would consider my first introduction into broadway musicals.

I’m a big fan of fairy tales. The fusion of old school fairy tales tangled together under a series of darker themes was intriguing to me as I rewound it again on again on my grandparents VCR.

Much like when Hollywood remakes things a certain magic is absent in the finished product.

Sometimes the most magic lives in the simple.

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What I Had Hoped to Get from ‘Sherlock’

{All images courtesy BBC One.}

So, Sherlock series 4 has come and gone, and I’ve already expounded greatly (to the tune of over 4,000 words) how much “The Final Problem” was a horrible way to end the show, if indeed it is the last episode of the series. In said review, I wrote about my expectations for the show, and how that may have been a problem going in. It got me thinking of all the little things I had hoped to get out of series 4 (and even series 3 for some of these) and that I hope we get to, should the series ever make a comeback. Some are silly, and some are legitimate things I wished the show would explore.

As a fan of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman beyond Sherlock, I’ve had the opportunity to hear both of them sing (i.e., Cumberbatch sang in August Osage County, and Freeman in Saving Santa), and while they aren’t exactly Tony award winners (Freeman especially), they can at least carry a tune in a bucket. So, why haven’t we had a musical episode? If we have to maintain ‘realism’ (which, considering the James Bondness of series 4, I will have problems if THAT’S the only reason why), have it where Sherlock has to take the place of an actor in a stage musical. (Maybe even where we see that when Sherlock actually TRIES to act, he’s horrible at it? And dear God, the idea of what Martin would do if John had to be on stage as well: I keep thinking of that tag scene from “The Puppet Show” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

In fact, I wish the show would’ve let both Freeman and Cumberbatch show off their comedic chops more often. Yes, the show is a drama and we should take it seriously, but all the best dramas are interspersed with comedy, and both Freeman and Cumberbatch have great comedic timing. Which leads into another silly one: we finally got a canon ‘The game’s afoot’ (one legitimate one in “The Abominable Bride”, and one of Sherlock quoting the source in “The Lying Detective”): couldn’t we have gotten John to say “No shit, Sherlock” even once?

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Tea & Review: La La Land – For Love or Career

(Photo Courtesy of Lions Gate Publicity, Photo Credit: Dale Robinette) 

The opening scene of La La Land was exactly what I wanted to happen when I was in middle school.

I wanted my fellow students to jump on top of their desks and dance in an in sync, yet unrehearsed manner. And then, somehow magically, I too would develop the voice similar to that of The Little Mermaid. I would holler out of a showstopper.

It is truly a wonder that I was never in the drama club.

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