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Tea & Review: Murder in the Generative Kitchen

(Graphic Courtesy of World Weaver Press)

Murder in the Generative Kitchen

by: Meg Pontecorvo

Meg Pontecorvo’s Murder in the Generative Kitchen poses many relevant questions that in today’s society we seem to be scratching the surface of.

Technology is such a theme in itself. We, as a people, are constantly looking to improve and grow our technology. We keep trying to get technology to fill the gaps and the spaces in our lives that we feel are lacking.

A lot of what Pontecorvo does reminded me a lot of the show Black Mirror, but Pontecorvo is clever. She doesn’t make the central theme as obvious. She makes her readers work for it.

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The Phone Call

The Phone Call

by Rosie Gonce

“Hello, is this Samantha Harvey?”

Sam sighed and reluctantly said “Yes, it is.” emphasizing the annoyance in her tone. No one ever called her Samantha. It was an immediate sign that it was someone she did not want to talk to.

Telemarketer or bill collector? she wondered, trying to remember if there was a bill she had forgotten about.

Why are they calling so early?! The clock on her wall read 6:10 am.

“It says here that you are the ‘In case of emergency’ contact person for Nathaniel McDouglas.”

Sam’s heart sank. It sank the way it always did when someone mentioned Nathaniel.

“Well…Um…” Sam gulped.

This was awkward, she thought.

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