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Review: American Horror Story Season Six; Episode 7: Convenient Camera Placement

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Return to Roanoke episode 2 begins with a three-way murder by evil Kathy Bates. In an effort to exact her revenge as a slighted actress, Bates slaughters the set assistant, camera guy, and the crazed producer who started this whole mess– played by Cheyenne Jackson. Seems like Jackson is left telling himself ‘oops’ as he is cut down by the evil Bates’ ax, after his choice last episode to publicly mock her and film it all.

Protip: never mock Kathy Bates!

While the double-cast of characters and re-enactors stumble around the house wondering where the dead Evan Peters is, we actually get a glimpse at why people love American Horror Story so much in the first place. A solo scene of Kathy Bates giving a monolog of split personality regret and madness. This is where Bates shines, strong, complex emotions that make you truly feel for a character. Even if they’re evil.

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Tea & Review: Blair Witch

I was 13-years old when “The Blair Witch” was released. My parents and I went to The Bridge theatre in San Francisco. Watching Rated-R movies wasn’t a new thing but I think this was probably my first legitimate horror movie. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited. Everyone was talking about. Everyone in school was talking about it. I was sure it was going to be an experience.

I remember my mom digging her nails digging into my leg for most of the movie. It didn’t help that the theatre was small, which only made the whole found footage, jittery camera thing so much more intense.

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