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Demon Part 11


The look on Lao Lao’s face was an image Kallan hasn’t seen in a long time.  She remembers Lao Lao looking this way when a being asks about the future.  Lao Lao’s face becomes devoid of all emotion.  And the being that is in front of Kallan is no longer her Lao Lao.  Instead, it is an entity that has existed before time and will continue to exist after everything is gone.  To say Kallan wasn’t tempted was a lie.  She wanted to know or at least know enough to know for sure if the explosion had been an accident or something more sinister.  She swallows.

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Demon Part 9


Kallan straightens her back and hears her spine crack and pop.  Her muscles are both numb and achy for sitting in one position for so long.  But at least she’s at home. Her desk is covered in files and her laptop looks as tired as she does.  She finishes the last bit of her high-caffeine tea and gets up to walk to the kitchen to fix another cup.

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Baby Girl

Shirley had given birth to a daughter, so she didn’t get to hold her right away. The team of doctors scooped the baby up and took her into the Implantation Room. As she already knew, her daughter had to get her Protection Chip. All females had to. It was for the greater good, they told them. This way, you’ll be safe, they told them. Shirley tried to feel comforted by that thought, but could simultaneously feel her own Protection Chip throbbing, deep within the pit of her stomach.

Her husband noticed her frowning and squeezed her hand. “It’ll be ok. Just standard procedure. We knew this would happen.”

“I know,” Shirley sighed and looked up at her husband, swallowing her tears.

“It’s better this way. Now she’ll be safe.”

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Demon Part 8

The wind is cool, it has a slight bite when it blows around but the sky is clear and blue as the sun shines brightly in the sky. Kallan sits on a bench in the garden as she watches Oria scampers through the different parts of the garden. Getting any leftover dew on to her feathers, scales, and fur. Kallan takes another sip of tea and she starts feeding the garden again. She has already cleaned the apartment, even though Jim has seen it in every state possible.
She leans back against the wall and takes another sip. Then she hears it, or rather her magic allows her to hear it. The footsteps and then the lower door opening. And the enviable footsteps climbing up the stairs. Oria stops and her ears flick as her eyes stare towards the stairs. She quickly flings herself towards the tall grass and crouches down, ready. Kallan keeps a straight face.
“Dammit Kal why do you have to live in a place with so many stairs!”

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My ‘To Be Read’ Pile – 2017 Edition

{Header image taken by Angie Fiedler Sutton.}

I read … a lot. The only problem is that ever since the invention of the Internet, my off-line reading has been sacrificed for all the reading I now do online. So, while I do still read quite a bit, my ‘books I’ve read’ pile has slowly shrunk over the years.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2013, all of our books got packed into boxes. They’re still (mostly) there, partly because I have yet to have the discretionary income to buy bookcases, and partly because we weren’t 100% sure we were going to stay in this apartment, as going to USC was the primary reason for picking the place we did.

Over the three years since, I have picked up a handful of books. Some of them were from teachers, suggestions for further reading in my studies. Most, however, were ones purchased at various book-related events such as the Los Angeles Festival of Books or at book signings.

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Dreams That We Dare To Dream

Dreams That We Dare To Dream

By Rosie Gonce

Scott had wanted to go to the other bar that was downtown so he sat in the backseat sulking. He was being dragged along to go “drinking and find some girls,” which always lead to a night of a lot of drinking and getting rejected in subtle, polite ways by every single girl at the bar. He wasn’t in the mood to pretend that wasn’t going to happen. He had wanted to go to the bar downtown where there was a pool table and a jukebox with some of his favorite bands in it, U2 and Radiohead, in particular. Where the music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t even think. He looked down at his baggy clothes, which he had barely tried to color-coordinate. Brown pants, plaid button-up, dark brown jacket, with one missing button. He used his fingers to brush his stringy, straw-colored hair back behind his ears. He was wishing he had gotten a haircut.

“Dude! Scott! Get that stick outta your ass! We’re not going to that shitty bar! All the chicks there are old and haggard!” Jerry yelled into the rearview mirror back at Scott, gripping the steering wheel tighter. Jerry had blond, curly hair that brushed the tops of his shoulders. He had a five o’clock shadow that made him look older than he was, and his clothes were slightly too tight on him, partially because he always struggled to find clothes that fit. He was built like a football player but was never interested in sports.

“Seriously, Scott!” Danny chimed in turning around from the front passenger seat to make sure Scott could see his annoyed look. “If we go to The Moon Room then we have a way higher probability of getting laid! Who cares if the music sucks! The chicks that go there are down to fuck!” Danny had gelled his hair special for tonight. His dark brown hair was always neatly buzzed on the sides and a little longer on the top to mold, what many referred to as a faux-hawk. He wore his usual “going-out gear,” which was a gray button up shirt with black slacks and shiny black shoes. His friends often teased him and said it looked like he was going for a job interview. “In a way, I am!” Danny would sometimes rebut.

“Yeah, they’re nasty girls,” Nathan said quietly as he sat next to Scott, looking out the window. Nathan was the smallest of the four friends and he often made it more noticeable with his body language. He slouched in his seat with his shoulders curved in and his face peeking out the window, like a curious animal. He had scruffy, light brown hair that he didn’t brush, that was just long enough the cover half his ears. He had a black hoodie on with some jeans and some all-black converse. This was dressing up for him.

Scott rolled his eyes and sighed loud enough so everyone could hear him. Jerry turned up a Green Day song and pushed on the gas more than was necessary. Danny lit a cigarette and started rolling down the window, catching Nathan’s attention who yelled over the music, “Danny, can I bum one of those?”

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Virago: Part the Fourth — Sisters

First chapter: Part the First – Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Virago: Part the Third — Neighbours

“The floor is lava!” Kelsey once screamed. This had caused Hannah to look at her in exasperation. Even though she was only two years older, Hannah had always treated the age gap very dramatically. Anything Kelsey had taken pleasure in as a child, Hannah had treated with distant superiority. Puzzles, dolls, cartoons, any of the apps on Kelsey’s bedroom wall. Hannah was always light years ahead of her. That particular day whenever Kelsey had discovered that the living room floor was, in fact, made of lava, Hannah was having none of it. She was busy teaching their parents’ android how to cook macaroni and cheese by using milk instead of water. It was a very grown-up thing to do. She didn’t have time to jump from pillow to pillow howling at the top of her lungs if her toe accidentally touched the carpet. That was all Kelsey and her childish imagination. Hannah never believed in any of that nonsense.

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