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Demon Part 9


Kallan straightens her back and hears her spine crack and pop.  Her muscles are both numb and achy for sitting in one position for so long.  But at least she’s at home. Her desk is covered in files and her laptop looks as tired as she does.  She finishes the last bit of her high-caffeine tea and gets up to walk to the kitchen to fix another cup.

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Demon – Part 3

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t caught up check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Demon.

Kallan parks her old moss-green car in the back lot of an old office building.  Converted from offices to apartments, it still has that old world charm and character.  She takes the elevator to the top floor and then a private stairwell to the rooftop apartment.  The apartment is nestled in a large garden; lush and green with a myriad of plants, flowers, and trees.  It is jarring compared to the city that surrounds it, as if displace from a land of rolling hills.  Luck was very kind to her when she found this place and Kallan burned all the Gardenias she had on hand in thanks.  Continue reading Demon – Part 3

Demon – Part 2

Editor’s Note: Get caught up on Demon by checking out Part One.

She walks pass the hunters.  Her worn wingtip boots echo along the cement floor as she approaches the casters.  The isolated location of the abandoned building was a strategic place to corner the demon. But luck is not kind. The avarice demon is able to cast one last spell.  Luck can be so fickle. Continue reading Demon – Part 2