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Tea & Review: iZombie- Eat, Pray, Live

After watching “Eat, Pray, Liv,” I think a part of me would actually be totally okay if Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Peyton (Aly Michalka) end up going their separate ways. Yes, they might love each other but that doesn’t mean two people actually work together.

For his part, Ravi just couldn’t stop himself from one bad decision after another. His well-intentioned effort to be kind, understanding, and compassionate, combined with his sense of moral superiority, comes out as a patronizing attempt to forgive Peyton for sleeping with Blaine (David Anders).

Unfortunately, Ravi makes the fatal assumption that Peyton seeks his forgiveness. It’s here, in the most subtle and unobtrusive way, iZombie touches on that nasty pest of sexual entitlement which thrives in a patriarchy. And more importantly, it demonstrates that this¬†pest infects even the kindest, most well-intentioned, thoughtful and loving of people (e.g. unsuspecting Ravi). It is undiscriminating.

Sexual entitlement is the persistent belief (which we all have likely perpetuated at one time or another) that women owe men both sex and sexual attention. That women owe men a smile on the street. That women owe men their number at a bar. That woman, as in the case of Peyton and Ravi, owe men an apology for sleeping with other people.

Yet the notion that Peyton makes an apology to Ravi is preposterous. Ravi has no claim on Peyton’s body. Ravi is not her keeper. Ravi is not her partner. Ravi is not Blaine’s keeper. Ravi is not Blaine’s partner.


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