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Tea & Review: Arrival – A Perfect Modern Sci-fi

There’s an art to any story. For me personally, I have an issue with loving new science fiction movies. Specifically modern day science fiction movies.

Why? Well, we’ve been kind of spoiled. In terms of popular science fiction, we’ve peaked really quickly. When Star Wars debuted in the 80’s it kind of setup a template, a marker if you will as to what a good science fiction movie should look like.

This isn’t a diss against Star Wars. As you’ll see in December we will be all about the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. But let’s be real for a second. Star Wars created a format for any future science fiction film. We got a bad guy, good guy and  space in-between.

And then we move into the modern day version of a science fiction with movies like Independence Day. I can’t speak for every movie goer but after the first Independence Day came out it seemed like Hollywood was hell bent on sticking to the humans vs. aliens format.

It becomes problematic when you start seeing the same storylines over and over again. Hollywood then sees that people like it and they seem the same concepts on repeat.

This is literally what makes Arrival an amazing film. It defies all the common expectations. It distinctly doesn’t allow itself to devolve into a cliche, which any moviegoer can appreciate.

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