Rogue One Trailer: Equal Representation in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Holy Pumpkin Pie, Batman! The new Rogue One trailer is here!

Not gonna lie. The very first teaser trailer gave me chills.


Granted, I’m not as far in the nerd-dom as I would like I am extremely amped for this movie to come out.

The general feel of a first trailer felt very vintage. Which is good, since the story takes place way before the beginning of A New Hope. While the teaser trailer and first trailer gives us a glorious taste of what is to come this week we got a longer, in-depth look at the plot of the story.

In the trailer, we learn our lovely, bad-ass leading lady Jyn Erson’s father played an intricate part in crafting the massive weapon that is a part of everyone’s favorite Death Star.

Now, the rebels seek her help in finding her father or at least finding the plans for the weapon of mass destruction.

If you’re a fan of the original trilogy (episodes 4-6) Rogue One seems to offer a bit of a narrative bridge between the up-coming film. In some of the post-trailer-release-geek-think-tank blog posts,  it was suggested that the movie may actual fix that weird plot hole of the Death Star’s shitty construction plan that allowed the rebels the opening in the Death Star to allow them to blow it up. Because even though Erson’s father may not have been around at the time of the beginning of the Death Star’s creation he may, in fact, have played a part in creating the space that would allow Luke to make that magic shot in A New Hope. This is all speculation obviously and we won’t know till later in the year but it would be an interesting way to tie the movies together.

The most refreshing thing about this new venture is how the Disney/ Star Wars are actively trying to broaden the scope of gender inclusiveness. Star Wars The Force Awakens was refreshing for the sheer reason that women play a major role. I’ve has literally been a sci-fi fan forever and there has been such little representation of seeing myself on the silver screen in sci-fi movies. I mean, yes we have a few. But there is a reason why dudes have no problem seeing themselves in movie roles. Guys get to be the space explorer, the Jedi, the Star Fleet Captain.

I mean, we are just getting the early rumblings of a female-led movie from Marvel via Captain Marvel. But finally, the movie industry is catching up to the public’s interest in seeing more female representation in a mostly male dominated arena.

For the longest time, when women were given characters in these big franchises there would always be a lot of guys and like two girls. Because God forbid we made it an even 50/50 in this thing. It would be the end of the world! It takes more than a handful of men to save the world, alright?!

Anyway, it has been a long minute since I’ve seen a female lead movie where the female lead has embodied, well, a badass.

From what the trailers have given us thus far I can only assume Jyn Erson is the badass we’ve been waiting for. Rey was a lot like the way Luke was when he started off: new, green, inexperienced.

Jyn seems like what Luke was by Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Pissed, determined  and calculating.

I mean, yeah, we’re getting two very different characters. Rey’s story in The Force Awakens is a coming-of-age story, similar but not dead-on with what we got with Luke.

At this point, we can only guess the theme of Jyn’s story. But the snippets of her dialogue suggest she’s not here to make friends and rebelling is kind of her thing. This isn’t a diss on Leia in the slightest. She was a smart mouth princess but despite being Luke’s twin it seems like she never got the opportunity to reach the level of Luke.

Could we have used another awesome Jedi in the mix? Hell yes. But, that wasn’t in the cards for the writers. Obviously, we’ll take what we can get but the progression of the female characters from A New Hope to The Force Awakens and now Rogue One has really giving  female audiences young and old their monies worth with the opportunity to see themselves mirrored back on the big screen.

Now, all I want for Christmas is a Black Widow movie and a Female Avengers film series and I think we can all this square.

Kay, Disney?

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