Podcast: The Redemption of M. Night Shyamalan?

M. Night Shyamalan’s career of producing good movies has been an unfortunate pattern of hits and misses.

In 1999, Shyamalan hit the blockbuster payload when The Sixth Sense gave the universe the ultimate freaky line that would stand the test of time.

“I see dead people.”

Shymalan’s ultimately created a shock and awe template for his films that left audience members with a twist, with sprinkles of Alfred Hitchcock seen throughout.

But following the horrible, white washed flop of Shyamalan’s 2010 film The Last Airbender the director began what we could easily call a “creative freefall into hell”.

Since then, Shyamalan has not reached the same heights of his success from The Sixth Sense.

The trailer for his new movie Split seemed to be the “big return” of Shyamalan. The movie, fronted with the dynamic James McAvoy seemed promising.

But in the brutal light of day, M. Night is once again playing way too many roles to look at his film objectively.

In Split, Shyamalan baits the audience with a flashback sequence that never pays off and leaves us wondering why the flashback existed at all.

The only saving grace of the film is McAvoy’s talents that make the film worth the watch.

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