Demon – Part One

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The magic has weakened.  The circle the three spell-casters created to contain demons as the hunters were crumbling.  In a few moments, the demons will break free. They could feel the strain of their magic like acid burning through flesh.  They pushed to keep the circle.

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Peter Jackson and the Elder Scrolls: Bringing Reality to Fantasy

Bethesda Games Studios’ marketing executive Peter Hines, recently gave an interview regarding Elder Scrolls coming to the big screen. He basically said that the studio isn’t interested in making movies right now but if Peter Jackson showed up they might say yes.

When I read that all I could think was : Yes. This is good. This is very good! I basically sounded like some cliché science fiction scientist about to scream “It is ALIVE!” Because Peter Jackson could do Elder Scrolls justice.

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Welcome to Tea & Fiction


Welcome to the very humble beginnings of Tea & Fiction. 

We are very excited you are here and we hope you bookmark us and visit us again. We are a small group of writers with an interest in creative writing, pop culture movies, and the thing that truly brings us all together: tea!

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