Nereid – Part 2


The house sits on top of a cliff. It is a creation of wood and glass, made to view the sea. Stairs and a deck are carved into the cliff side. They lead to a modest beach that surrounds one side of the cliff. It then stretches on for a bit before being surrounded by the same cliff.

There are one two ways that anyone can come to this secluded piece of land. Either from the water or down from the house. Useless a thrill seeker decides to scale down the rock face.

Ezra swims towards the golden glow. Which finally has occupants to house. The house reminds her of stories of people leaving a light on to beckon the lost to come home.

Even before without the house glowing in the darkness, Ezra has admired it. She liked to believe the one who built it or lives in it lives, loves the ocean. That they had loved it so much that they created or needed to live in such a building. The only home she can think that can be better are the ones built into the water. Where you can open the door and slip into the water as easily as stepping out of the door and taking a stroll.

But it is better now that the house is alive. With people who would appreciate it. Before it was well taken care of and maintained. But waiting for its purpose to be fulfilled. Now it does.

When she reaches the beach, she walks to the spot with the best advantage point if the house. She lies down in the soft sand and watches. She could not do this in the day. In the night when she is hidden in the dark and shadows, she’s allowed to admire but never during the day.

She knows it’s strange to others that she watches this house. That she would be considered a strange voyeur, peeping into another’s home and life. But it is the only bright spot she has besides the ocean.

It also helps that her tattoo feels alive here. That it glows and swirls like when Ezra is in deeper waters. So she lies here in the dark with the sand and the water, watching the yellow glow.

The couple or what she assumes to be a couple because they seem intimate with each other is a man and a woman. They move around each other in the what Ezra thinks is the living room. Before moving away from view and disappearing for a while. They then come back more sedated and with drinks in their hands.

She at times wonders what they talk about. Do they talk about their individual days? Their similar interests? She’s not sure but they seem to have a rhyme to their taking and sometimes they sit quietly.

Then it happens like clockwork every time she is here. The women bids the man goodnight and the man stays. He walks out to the surrounding deck of the house with another drink. He finishes it and takes out a cigarette and lights it.

Ezra can’t help but dislike it. But at least the man doesn’t do it often and everyone has their vices. When the man is done the pinprick of red-orange is snuffed out. And he walks back into the house and all the lights are extinguished.

She stays for a while longer before slipping into the dark water and swims back. There is nothing for to fear in the water. She is a Nereid and the water is her home.

She reaches the beach and her thinks are where she left them. She tries and dries off as much as she can and puts on her clothing. She makes the long trek back to the apartment. For a few hours of sleep before the day breaks.


She’s in her usual bar in one of the back tables. It is a local place where they only serve drinks but you can order take-out and have it delivered.

She’s has a glass in front of her that was filled with whatever beer that was on tap. She scrolls through her phone in search of fights in the area.

Then someone sits down across from her. She looks up and she can’t process their face. They have too much glamor on but they will not be able to keep it up for long. And anyone willing to have that much glamor on in public. Is up to nothing good.

“I want to make you an offer.”

Ezra on her phone writes out

I don’t take offers. Especially offers from people with so much glamor on.

“The payout will be worth it”

There isn’t much I want and I make ends meet just fine.

“Are you sure? Because what I am offering is something you want desperately.”

Look you better leave before your glamor breaks to bits

“Your voice. I can make is so you can have back your voice.”

Ezra looks at the stranger and she knows it is not something she can ignore.

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