My First Apartment, My First Ghost

I was so excited to finally have my own place. Well, not my ‘own, own’ place. I shared it with two other people. But it was exciting nonetheless. There are many things you come to expect when you trek out on your own into the world: bills, weird roommate situations, and really noisy neighbors. However, I never expected ghosts to be that list.

The first time I “encountered” my fourth roommate I was exiting my room into the shared hallway/kitchen area with a direct view of the living room. It was dark. I was alone. I was barely out of my bedroom doorframe when the TV…. turned on.

It didn’t even turn on to a regular television station.

I remember just standing there, my hands behind me holding the doorknob of my room to close it. That was eerie timing, I remember thinking. I think I may have even said, “Hello?”

I probably turned it off and hurried back into my room. That was way too creepy for me.

I had been living there for a little while now and that had never happened. We didn’t use the TV that often so it wasn’t like someone’s delayed TV alarm had suddenly realized it had been programmed.

I brushed off the incident but then my roommate asked me if I had set the timer for the TV… apparently, the same thing had happened to her.

Weeks, maybe months went by.

One evening all three of us were home. I was about to take a shower. One roommate was in the kitchen. The other was in her room.

I remember being in the shower and hearing/feeling the presence of someone walk past the bathroom door (it was directly in front of the bathroom) and exit the front door. I didn’t think anything of it because there were two other people in the apartment at the time. I figured one of the girls had gone to the garage or something.

I finished my shower and exited the bathroom. I walked into the hallway where I saw my roommate hunched down in front of the kitchen sink. She stared at me, perplexed.

“Did you just come in?” She asked.

“From… the outside?” I asked, “No, I was in the bathroom.”

“I heard the front door open,” she said, “and I heard someone come in.”

I shook my head, “No. That wasn’t me.”

I thought about it some and asked, “Did you leave the apartment after I got in the shower?”

“No,” she said.

I glanced timidly at our roommate’s door, “Did she?”

We knocked on the door of our third roommate, “Hey, you didn’t leave the apartment… like… in the last fifteen minutes.”

She shook her head.

I believe my first thoughts or spoken words were something along the lines of, “Oh, shit we have a ghost.”

My roommate, who also experienced the weird moment, agreed. She thought the living room had a weird energy to it, which resulted in us moving around furniture. I was beginning to believe whatever was living with us maybe got caught up in the weird energy of the house and was making its presence known for whatever reason. I’m no ghost hunter but that reasoning seemed legit.

After moving around the furniture the “energy” seemed to change and I never heard or felt non-human movements.

Months, maybe even a year, later I had moved into a different bedroom in the same apartment. My other roommates had moved out and I had two completely different ones living with me.

I was fast asleep in my bed. Now, when I was younger my mom used to make it a habit of checking on me when I slept. You know, to make sure I was still breathing.

That night, I felt like someone was watching, hovering over me. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see a woman (who I thought was my mother) handing over me with a blue-like glow about her. Much like how Obi-Wan looked in Star Wars.

In my half asleep state, I thought, oh it’s only my mom. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

The next morning, when I had more sense of myself, I realized I was not staying at my parents’ place so there was my no my mother could have been “hovering over me” at night.

The “woman in blue” didn’t feel like a threat when I looked up at her. Since I didn’t jump up screaming in the middle of the night I figured she wasn’t trying to do anything weird to me. Maybe she was the presence I felt a year ago walking in front of my bathroom.

I didn’t have any experiences after that. Maybe the woman in blue was just saying “bye”… or something. Either way, I hope she enjoyed living with a bunch of slightly weird women in their 20’s. Though, in hindsight, that’s probably scarier than living with a ghost.

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