Demon – Part One

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The magic has weakened.  The circle the three spell-casters created to contain demons as the hunters were crumbling.  In a few moments, the demons will break free. They could feel the strain of their magic like acid burning through flesh.  They pushed to keep the circle.

They had been a group of eleven. Three casters and eight hunters against one avarice demon, the odds are in their favor. They successfully found and trapped the demon. But not before it summoned three lesser ones under its command as the circle closed. The hunters were unable to leave the circle unless the casters destroyed it. They are now trapped with a greater enemy than they anticipated. It is going to be a slaughter.

Five of the hunters are dead. The avarice demon dealt the killing blow as the lesser demons weaken them. The hunters successfully killed two of the lesser ones but now pulled at the dregs of their strength. While the two demons left became stronger with each kill. What was left of the group would fight to the bitter end but each one also prayed for a swift death.

The magic circle was weakening to the point that it was fading. It physically cracked.  The casters try to keep the circle for as long as they were able. They continue to chant as they look on to the circle.   The demons close in on the hunters.

The lesser demon poises itself to attack the hunter nearest to it. The hunter sees the demon’s muscles tense to lunge. This is the end. The hunter makes a quick prayer. Yet, the demon stops. Its body begins to fall as its head follows, blood spraying from the neck. Time stops as the lesser demon’s blood soaks into the ground. Then, as if time wanted to right itself: it quickens, as a silver sword slices the avarice demon’s torso pushing it away from the hunters. Then they see her.

They were too focused.  They didn’t see her enter the circle and cut down the lesser demon. She maneuvers the demon away from the hunters. Her silver sword matches the demon’s strikes blow-by-blow. Finally, the demon falters, it lets its arms drop too much. Her sword  quickly strikes and stuns it with a blow as she casts a binding spell with her left hand. The avarice demon is secured to the ground with a binding circle.

She waves her sword away and summons a dagger.   It  looks as if it is made from crystal and starlight. The demon is transfixed. It watches as she plunges the dagger into its chest, slicing muscle and breaking the bone as the chest falls open to the blade. The demon’s heart is now bare to her. She slices the heart out of the demon’s chest holding it in her hand. Then, she does what many cannot and bites into the heart.

She bites, tears, chews, and swallows the heart down, gripping the dagger tight. Blood drips down her chin and hand as she consumes it. When she has finally swallowed  down the last bite –  the demon is dead. Its dead eyes staring at her like it did with the dagger. She releases the binding circle and waves away the dagger. She turns her head over to the hunters and casters. The demon is not the only one that is watching her.

They saw her cut open the demon’s chest and eat the heart so easily. Now she stands before them in her blood-soaked Oxford shirt as blood is smeared on her mouth and chin. Blood still drips from her hands. Then one of them whispers it.


Hearing it they agree that what is in front of them is an abomination. Something twisted and not right.

She looks at them with disdain as her mouth tilts into a grin. They have all suspended again as if time decides to stop to see what she will do.

“Break the circle.”

They hear her say. With disdain still in her eyes and the grin on her mouth they know they can not fight her, hold her. A simple spell is all she needs. So the casters listen and break the circle.

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