Demon Part 9


Kallan straightens her back and hears her spine crack and pop.  Her muscles are both numb and achy for sitting in one position for so long.  But at least she’s at home. Her desk is covered in files and her laptop looks as tired as she does.  She finishes the last bit of her high-caffeine tea and gets up to walk to the kitchen to fix another cup.

She fills the electric kettle and looks up to the ceiling.  A large wooden grate hangs suspend a few feet from the ceiling, it is covered with drying flowers and herbs.  A field of brittle green and muted colors.  Kallan touches a few of them to see how done they are,  they seem to be not too far off.  A few more days at most. The kettle gives off a deep sound of boiled water and a click of the plastic lever says the kettle is done.

Replacing the tea bag for a fresh one, it begins to brew in the large mug.  She looks over to the couch and sees Oria napping.  Oria has taken the change in hours as best as she can.  But it has taken a toll on her still.  She physically looks a little duller from the stress and she is not as energetic as usual.  Kallan feels guilty for it.  Oria might rise before the dawn but she still needs sleep and with Kallan’s fitful periods of sleep getting worse recently.  It is no wonder it has taken a toll on Oria.

Kallan has taken to burning incense anytime she can.

She goes back to her desk and looks at the lab result of the scene to see if there is any evidence at either scene.  As stressed as she is working at home still takes less of a toll on her than actually being in HQ at the moment.  It is technically her day off, but she is working over time because everyone has been told to put on some sort of overtime.  Whether you are physically at HQ or take your work home on off days, it doesn’t matter.

The chaos of the second explosion made the first look like a noise popper.  As horrible of a nightmare, the first was and Kallan can feel the gooseflesh prickling on her arms when she thinks of it.  It did not have the destructive force the second explosion.

The amount of physical and magical damage was devastating.  It happened in one of the busier areas of the city.  And it affected everything around it.  Builds fell and streets cracked.  People caught in the explosion fared none better.  Intensive injuries and magical coma, the only bit of silver in all this destruction was there were no casualties of innocent bystanders.  The casters of the spell were beyond saving suspended in the void like how the last group but accompanied with much more destruction.  Jim and the rest of the medical staff in HQ,  seem to be working close to 24 hours.  Bouncing from HQ to various hospitals who need more healers.

People are scared and in a panic, some choosing to exploit that fear to further personal agendas.  While the city has declared a state of emergency and there is an emphasis of needing to solve the problem and provide answers quickly.  So panic won’t spread to other places in the country.

Kallan has added and strengthened the wards around the apartment and garden even more.   Nothing can get through without her explicit permission.  And should they try by force the perpetrator would be in for a nasty surprise.

She’s stressed and Kallan knows it is making her magic more vicious.  She needs peace of mind and advice.  While Oria needs something to bring her vibrancy back.

Kallan feels stupid for not thinking of it sooner.  Laolao would know what to do.

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