Demon Part 10


It is mid-morning and the sun is a pale gentle light, as the warmth of the sun blushes on the skin. Oria walks beside Kallan. Her scales already gaining back its color. Compared to the muted gray they were turning, worrying about Kallan.

In the distance, she sees Laolao is already sitting outside in the garden with the spinning wheel. She is wearing dark royal blue robes is the Ming style. Her hair is done up in a large bun with matching hair accessories. Kallan has always admired Laolao being able to work in such clothing. Especially the ability to not get the large sleeves caught or dirty in whichever task that needs to be done.

The tread and the wheels of the spinning wheel move at an exceptionally quick pace. The thread is thin like spider silk and the sun shines on it. Making it look like as if Laolao is spinning the light from the air as it spins. Although it would not surprise Kalland that she could perform such a feat.

When both Kallan and Oria are close enough. Laolao takes her concentration off the spinning wheel and towards them. She immediately stands up and walks over and throws her arms around Kallan. Pulling her into a hug. Kallan melts into the hug and breaths in the scent of jasmine flowers that always clings to Laolao.

Laolao then takes Kallan face between her hands and begins to stroke back Kallan’s hair. Her eyes filled with worry.

“You look so tired.”

Kallan can’t lie to Laolao so she chooses to say nothing. Laolao pulls her hands way from Kallan’s face and lets out a sigh. She then looks at Oria and opens her arms. Oria has no qualms and leaps into them. She pets Oria’s head and holds her close.

“Come let us sit and talk.”

When Kallan looks back at Laolao’s spinning wheel. It has switched places. No longer in front of the chair, it is now towards the side. Another chair is there and an ottoman for Orian. Three side tables flank the seating. Each one laid with different food with cups of tea. While Oria has a wide and shallow dish of water next to her food bowl.

They sit and Kallan takes an osmanthus cake from her plate. She bites into the cake and it is light and sweet with the scent of the flower. Then she takes a chestnut pastry and then a soft orange rice cake. Kallan just continues to eat. Each of the sweets is incredibly good. But she can’t help but mindlessly eat them. Her thoughts turn to the event that occurred and a large well of guilt fills her.


She looks up at Laolao as she finishes the rose tea cake. And Laolao’s eyes are not the same. Instead, they are filled with the power that she often mutes. Kallan knows that Laolao has felt her guilt and her doubt. She knows what is going to happen next.

“Do you want me to tell your fortune?”

Kallan swallows, that is a temptation.

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