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American Horror Story Goes Full Canon

Warning! Spoilers! 


After a little over a week of watching nondescript commercials that managed to be as vague as possible and that utilized classic horror motifs from past horror movies: American Horror Story Season 6 finally aired.

When the credits rolled my reaction was, “What the fuck?! That’s all we get? What the fuck?”

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Tea & Review: All The Birds in the Sky

All The Birds in the Sky

By: Charlie Jane Anders

I strongly suspected I would like “All the Birds in the Sky” by io9 editor Charlie Jane Anders. When I put out an open call through my FaceBook for science fiction / fantasy books I immediately checked it out the description on Amazon when someone suggested I check it out.

The story centers on Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead. Patricia discovers she has a strong connection to nature with her ability to talk to animals. Laurence is a tech nerd who a future genius in the making.

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ATLANTA is Donald Glover’s Canvas

I was really excited when I heard about FX debuting a series by Donald Glover titled: ATLANTA.

Like most people, I got introduced to Donald Glover through NBC’s  (later acquired by YAHOO!) Community from 2009-2014 before Glover left the show to work on his budding musical career (i.e Childish Gambino).

Not gonna lie, I was pretty heartbroken over Glover’s decision to leave Community. My heart will never recover from losing: Troy and Abed in the Morning!

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Tea & Review: Captain America Civil War – The Digital Release

Editor’s Note: Any and all characters mentioned are property of Marvel along with any samples of audio we used during this podcast. BEWARE OF SPOILERS THERE ARE A LOT. 

Captain America: Civil War is a superhero movie that critics and audiences agreed were good. Watching the movie it is easy to understand why.
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​Tea & Review: No “Glory” Days

If you grew up in the 90’s it is hard not know the lyrics to hits like Baby… One More Time, “Sometimes”, “Crazy” and “Oops, I Did it Again!” There was just something about late 90’s early – 2000’s music that basically drafted you into a ‘forever cult’ of music lovers.

I recently went to Britney’s show Piece of Me while I was in Vegas. It was a fun experience but Britney has never been someone who I considered a master of vocal range. She was never a Mariah, a Christina, or an Adele. She was Britney. Britney with the catchy beat.

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