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“Fantastic” Spinoffs and Where to Find Them

I picked up the first Harry Potter book– actually, it was given to me by a kindly school librarian– when I was 12, just a year or so after the book was published in 1997. The series took a decade to complete, culminating, for me, with a trip to a bookstore in Germany to buy the UK edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows during a backpacking trip before my senior year of college.   Like any piece of art that wallops you at just the right time, those books embedded themselves in my identity. Who would I have been without Harry Potter, or for that matter, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Simpsons, Monsoon Wedding, or that mural on the wall of Amoeba Records commemorating the free speech movement? (When I was a freshman in college, I walked by it twice a day and still think about it pretty often.) We are what we love, especially what we love when we are young.

So, it’s not really correct to say that I’m a “fan” of Harry Potter. It’s deeper than that. The series provided a framework for my adolescence. The first movie coincided with my first real crush, who kissed another girl at the screening and provided my first real heartbreak. I picked up the fourth book one hot high school summer and stayed up till 3 AM weeping over the return of Voldemort, my brothers collaborating on music in the next room. The sixth book came out when I was working at a mini-Borders in a shopping mall, so I remember staring at those unopened boxes in the windowless storage room, eating turkey sandwiches brought in from my parents’ house. Then there was the pinnacle seventh book that summer in Europe, a reading experience so dear that I stopped reading it on the plane in order to finish it in the privacy of my own home.

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Podcast: The Horror Show – More Questions Than Answers

In this episode of Tea & Fiction: The Horror Show we discuss episodes five and six of the docu-series: The Staircase. We ask some serious questions and get basically get no answers. What happened in Germany? Is there motive? In the defense totally at a loss? In what world does a neighbor suddenly adopted their dead neighbor’s kids? Join us in our wonder and constant confusion!

Review & Podcast: Doctor Strange – Magic & Whitewashing

When I first heard that a Doctor Strange movie was in the works my first reaction was: “Isn’t he that wizard?”  

I didn’t know anything substantial about Doctor Strange beyond that.  So I began to research and by the end, I was muttering, “Can they even make a decent movie from that?”  Because Doctor Strange is mind-trippy.  To pull it off in comic book form where our imaginations can fill in the blank spots is one thing.  To pull if off on screen is a different matter.

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Review: Luke Cage: Episode 2- Code of the Streets

Editor’s Note: This the continuation of our look at the Marvel’s Luke Cage of Netflix and if you haven’t, check out Episode 1.

In the beginning of this episode, we see the opening scene is a time jump.  Luke is standing in the dark looking at a building in Harlem. Then a kid holding gun and points it at the back of Luke’s head.  He demands the reason for his presence.  Luke ends up telling the kid “I’ve had a long day. I am tired.”  With those statements, we know the episode is going to be intense.  Plus, with a title Code of the Streets, there is a slim chance that this episode is not going to end in pain.

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The Bloody ‘Staircase’

Editor’s Note: You aren’t a real podcast till you’ve done a holiday theme, right? Welcome to our Halloween episode where we tackle the first two episodes of the (bloody) true crime docu-series The Staircase. We also talk about a few of our other favorite true crime shows and podcasts like Serial(podcast), Making a Murderer (Netflix) and a few others!