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My First Apartment, My First Ghost

I was so excited to finally have my own place. Well, not my ‘own, own’ place. I shared it with two other people. But it was exciting nonetheless. There are many things you come to expect when you trek out on your own into the world: bills, weird roommate situations, and really noisy neighbors. However, I never expected ghosts to be that list.

The first time I “encountered” my fourth roommate I was exiting my room into the shared hallway/kitchen area with a direct view of the living room. It was dark. I was alone. I was barely out of my bedroom doorframe when the TV…. turned on.

It didn’t even turn on to a regular television station.

I remember just standing there, my hands behind me holding the doorknob of my room to close it. That was eerie timing, I remember thinking. I think I may have even said, “Hello?”

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Tea & Review: A Suitable Girl

A Suitable Girl debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22nd 2017.

A Suitable Girl

Directors: Sarita Khurana and Smriti Mundhra

At the beginning of A Suitable Girl we come to the juxtaposition between two very stark moments in time.

As an audience, we are given a montage of images: an evolution of little Indian girls growing under the watchful eye of their families.

But the narration offers us what is to be their future. It is a blunt, sweeping attempt to angle us all in the proper direction: marriage.

There will eventually come a time where she will marry and leave her family behind.

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Podcast: The Horror Show – More Questions Than Answers

In this episode of Tea & Fiction: The Horror Show we discuss episodes five and six of the docu-series: The Staircase. We ask some serious questions and get basically get no answers. What happened in Germany? Is there motive? In the defense totally at a loss? In what world does a neighbor suddenly adopted their dead neighbor’s kids? Join us in our wonder and constant confusion!

Astro-bite: The remains of the

Editor’s Note: A forthcoming collection of poetry titled: “Liberating the Astronauts” by Christina M. Rau will be debuting in 2017. Tea & Fiction is very excited to share excerpts from the collection. From the Pointer Sisters doing the Neutron Dance to David Bowman’s exclamation while traveling through the stargate near Jupiter— from stealing Joan Didion’s sadness to erasing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby— this collection weaves its way through the paradoxical struggle of wanting freedom while fearing it.

In “Liberating The Astronauts”, we see that not fitting in gives us the freedom to stand out.

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The Bloody ‘Staircase’

Editor’s Note: You aren’t a real podcast till you’ve done a holiday theme, right? Welcome to our Halloween episode where we tackle the first two episodes of the (bloody) true crime docu-series The Staircase. We also talk about a few of our other favorite true crime shows and podcasts like Serial(podcast), Making a Murderer (Netflix) and a few others!