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Demon Part 11


The look on Lao Lao’s face was an image Kallan hasn’t seen in a long time.  She remembers Lao Lao looking this way when a being asks about the future.  Lao Lao’s face becomes devoid of all emotion.  And the being that is in front of Kallan is no longer her Lao Lao.  Instead, it is an entity that has existed before time and will continue to exist after everything is gone.  To say Kallan wasn’t tempted was a lie.  She wanted to know or at least know enough to know for sure if the explosion had been an accident or something more sinister.  She swallows.

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Virago: Part the Thirteenth — Confusion

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Answers

They were fighting again. Kelsey and Hannah were always fighting. But usually, their arguments were a lot more passive aggressive than this one.

Arthur walked into the room just as Kelsey suggested that her sister leave the premises. He was aware that he should only interfere if the disagreement became physical. Watching the two, he felt rather sure that it wouldn’t get that far.

Kelsey’s eyes opened back up and she looked across at her sister with a sneer.

“So you’re still here. I guess you don’t actually mind being in this ‘hexed-up’ house after all.”

Hannah pursed her lips. Kelsey sighed, twisting her neck until she heard a satisfying crack. Arthur examined his Keepers’ faces. The likelihood of them getting past this argument was high. But there was also a likelihood the girls could end up fighting dirty.

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Paper Dolls: Book Two: Chapter One – Part Two

Previous: Chapter One – Part One

I woke up the next morning, or what felt like the next morning in a bright, white room.

My memories were slowly forming in the back of my head when I realized I was no longer in the cave on the beach.

Had they found us?  Was my immediate thought. The room I was now in reminded me far too much of the Darose, Zendo facility – only less upscale. There was an odd flicker from the light overhead that buzzed for far too long.

I glanced down. I still had my clothing on so that seemed like a good sign – maybe.

I blinked and scanned the space around me.

There was a large window to my left. The curtains were closed but a small stream of white light encased with slowly moving dust had managed to free itself from the drapery.

Two thin white blankets were nestled over my lap that I slowly peeled back. I pushed my legs off the side to the floor. As I attempted to move a wave of dizziness came upon me. The world tilted to the left and I followed it.

I heard my mouth release a sharp yelp as I threw my body weight into the side of the bed frame.

The walls were probably built thin incase something like this happened. It was only a second after that the doors to the room burst open and two men descended upon me, taking me by both sides.

“No, wait,” I heard myself say and I gently placed back into the bed.

“Easy, Ms. Liu,” said the dark-haired man on the left, “We got you.”

“No, you don’t understand…”

Their shadows had closed in around me. I tried to pull away but found the attempt useless.

“Sara,” A low voice rose into the air.

For a moment I thought my brain was playing tricks on me.

Sara,” The voice spoke again, this time it appeared irritated.

I turned in the direction of the door, where the voice was coming from.

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Virago: Part the Twelfth — Sibling Rivalry

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Answers

The chipmunks Hannah had tried to tame had always bitten her. It aggravated her that even the smallest animal couldn’t understand that all Hannah wanted to do was help. With her focus turned to Kelsey and trying to make sure she had a decently normal life took entirely too much energy out of her. Why did Kelsey always get to have everything her way?

Hannah was heading home from the restaurant where she had just enjoyed dinner with some of her friends. She bet Kelsey would just be sitting at home messing around with her wall apps. Hannah’s therapist had told her to be supportive of Kelsey. But how could someone support something so innately destructive? It blew her mind how Kelsey didn’t even see the destruction she caused. She erased the incidents surrounding their parents’ death like they weren’t even there. But Hannah knew what happened.

Kelsey was the one who hurt small birds only to heal them up again. She tormented the little animals Hannah tried to nurture alone. Kelsey thrived on being alone because nobody would want to be around her on purpose. Hannah would inwardly seethe with rage at how ignorant her younger sister would remain towards the pain she had caused so many others. She heard about the student who spontaneously burst into flame on the same campus Kelsey had attended. That was no mere accident. What would it take for the suffering to stop?  Hannah took a deep breath. She gripped the steering wheel tighter as she inhaled and loosed her hold as she exhaled. Much better. Everything would be fine. After all, maybe she was much too passive. Kelsey was just the opposite. Only nobody ever knew. Kelsey could create pain and mayhem without anyone knowing it was her. That wasn’t passive. That was just dirty. But Hannah could confront her. Tell her that the elephant in the room must be addressed. Her real or imagined “super” powers had to go. And if they wouldn’t go, Hannah would make them stop.

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Virago: Part the Eleventh — Answers

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Expiration

It was eerie being inside a near stranger’s house alone. Kelsey winced as she heard the linoleum squeak beneath her sneaker. She made her way towards the living room and tapped on the walls to bring up Barbara’s wall app. She was stunned when nothing lit up. What sort of archaic shit was this woman into?

Kelsey idly glanced towards the candles. The woman had multitudes of those in here. Candles were thought to summon spirits when used correctly or to honour perished loved ones.

She lit some of the candles nearest to her. They were all in a row. She looked at the window. Luckily, this room only had windows facing the backyard. Nobody should notice from the street. Kelsey closed her eyes and calmed her mind. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was trying to do here. She half-expected the house to somehow give her some guidance, or maybe some part of her would explain what the hell was going on.

The flames leapt towards the ceiling with a whoosh! Kelsey’s eyes flew open, worried that something was going to catch ablaze. She looked around the room, but it was silent and still. Until a shadow appeared in front of her. It didn’t have a face but it had the form of something once human. Kelsey chewed on a hangnail. Who was supposed to speak first in this sort of scenario, anyway?

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Paper Dolls : Book Two : Afterlife – Chapter One – Part One

Chapter One – Part One

The funny thing about you being dead, twice mind you, is you get a lot of perspective.

When I first died. I mean, when I first thought I was dead I couldn’t quite cope with where I was in life. Everything, everything I had ever known had gone up in flames. The Past became my Present. My Future, or at least the future I had hoped for was gone.

There was no back button. There was no way to undo our actions.

If you’ve lived the life I had lived up until that point – you might feel like: what was the point then?

You try to make up for a broken childhood. You try to re-make yourself in a better woman who you thought you could be. But what does that do for you? What?

I can’t even say I died. Not yet, anyway. That’s later of course, but you’ve seen that. Or at least, part of that.

But when life or a combusting, anti-matter explosion kicks you in the stomach you don’t slither off into the darkness and give up. No, that’s not how you were trained. That’s not what you know how to do. Giving up is not something you do. You fight. You get up. You shake your fist at the goddamn sky and say you’re gonna make something of your life.

Granted, this was before I had been thoroughly exposed to any form of popular cinema so I had no strong archetype female to compare myself to.

When my eyes opened and I saw the brown world below me my heart lodged itself under my tongue.

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Virago: Part the Tenth — Expiration

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Dreams

“We are all monsters. It is the ones who deny that who end up being the most monstrous of us all.”

Kelsey couldn’t remember where she had heard this quote, but she liked it. She had come to terms with the fact that she was strange a long time ago. But boring people like her coworker Josh and her sister Hannah were the sort of people who would never admit to their own private monstrosities. Perhaps Barbara was one as well.

Kelsey chewed her lip. She wasn’t keen on accusing Barbara of anything. Especially if she didn’t have anything but a bad dream to go on. But Barbara had been popping into her life lately, and it couldn’t have been pure chance that Kelsey ended up in Barbara’s yard one rainy evening. It could have been any other nutcase neighbour.

Grabbing her hoodie, she stomped downstairs. Arthur was midway through a greeting when the front door slammed in his face. Kelsey pulled the drawstrings tight around her face and shoved her hands deep into her hoodie’s pockets. It wasn’t a long walk to Barbara’s. But it was cold.

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They had first met at a coffee shop on a Tuesday morning. Sam was sitting at the table in the corner looking at her phone and sipping a latte when she suddenly felt eyes on her. She looked up slowly and saw a handsome man with slicked-back hair, his hands in his pockets, his eyes smiling, and his mouth with a barely visible smirk.

Sam adjusted her ponytail, even though she didn’t really need to. She pretended like she wasn’t noticing him walking toward her. He stopped next to her table and took a hand out of his pocket and gestured at the empty chair across from her, keeping one hand in the pocket of his black slacks.

“May I join you?” Sam then realized that it was Stephan Miles. His family practically owned the city. His father was the Mayor, so he worked with him. She wasn’t sure what his title was, but he had that look that emanated importance.  She wondered why he wanted to sit with her.

Sam nodded and smiled weakly, trying to not blush, even though she knew there was really no way to prevent it. He pulled out the chair and sat down gracefully, unbuttoning his suit jacket with the flick of his fingers. He stretched his hand across the table, offering a handshake.

“Hello, I am Stephan Miles.” His white teeth glowed as he grinned with his mouth slightly open. Sam had seen him on the local news before, in a fourth of July parade, and around town. He was known as the handsome son of the mayor. Sam had thought that Stephan Miles had a fake kind of politician-style handsome. But in person she saw that what she thought was a fake tan, was actually smooth, olive-colored skin. The grease in his hair slightly failed to keep the waves straight and she could see tiny curls at the nape of his neck. His long eyelashes nearly touched his thick eyebrows, framing his dark round eyes. His sharp jawbone and dramatic angular nose balanced perfectly with the softness of his stare.

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Virago: Part the Ninth — Dreams

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Smiles

Seeing Barbara at 7-Eleven annoyed Kelsey. Turtle Creek was a small town, but it wasn’t that small.  Her presence reminded her of what she had said about Kelsey’s parents. The false sincerity. It left a bad taste in her mouth.

Something else was off about Barbara. She seemed vaguely hypocritical. The way she would silently despise Kelsey, but be openly curious about her. Barbara knew Kelsey was different, but how?

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