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Tea & Review: Attack on Titan: Season Two – Beast Titan + I’m Home

Attack on Titan‘s Season 2, Episode 1: Beast Titan throws us back into the hell behind and in front of the wall.

It has been four years since the Attack on Titan anime debuted in America and fans have been hungry for development since we last left Mikasa, Eren, and Armin.

Eren is still healing from his epic, Titan throwdown with Annie. But just because our main characters aren’t the focus of the season opener it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening.

Following the battle, it is discovered that there is a Titan built inside one of the protecting walls. We saw this at the tail end of the first season but seeing it again is still kind of freaky. Like, how long has the Titan been in there? How exactly do you build a wall without seeing a giant Titan? It seems unlikely. It also opens up the door of possibilities that the Titans have a deeper, more insidious relationship with the humans.

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Tea & Review: The Red Turtle (2016)

The Red Turtle is an animated film about a man stranded on an island who later meets a large red turtle, hence the title. It is also a Studio Ghibli and Wild Bunch film. This is the first film for Studio Ghibli since 2014. While this is the first feature film for animator director Michaël Dudok de Wit.

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Tea & Review: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Your Name is a Japanese anime movie that was released in 2016.  The story revolves around two high schoolers Mitsuha Miyamizu (Mono Kamishiraishi) and Taki Tachibana (Ryunosuku Kamiki).  

Mitsuha lives in the rural town near the mountains and is a Miko (shrine maiden) of the family shrine.  

Taki lives in Tokyo and works part time as a waiter in an Italian restaurant.  Their lives are drastically different from each other’s, including their temperaments

Then, for some mysterious reason, they begin to switch bodies.  At first, each believes they were having an extremely realistic dream.  Until their respective friends and families comment on how strange they were acting.  Then, after finding notes they both leave for the other, they both realize they have a problem on their hands.

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Tea & Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Warning Spoilers! 

Closing out 2016 was rough. That’s partly the reason why it took so long for me to plop myself in front of the computer to post something, anything really.

But I’ve been kind of inspired. Kind of being the operative word.

Right before we closed out 2016 a friend, and sometimes Tea & Fiction contributor Sydney Sun recommended a Netflix show to me.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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Sailor Moon: The Missing Backstory and Villains in Disguise

Editor’s Note: Twenty-one years ago the Sailor Moon series debuted in America giving young girls one of the first female centric superhero shows. It also created a whole market dedicated to trading cards, stickers and toys. While Sailor Moon basically  unofficially started Tea & Fiction, we have always had many issues with the various plot holes and lack of a backstory that left us grasping at straws. Today, we discuss these issues and the potentially darker plot line unexplored in the anime series.