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​Tea & Review: No “Glory” Days

If you grew up in the 90’s it is hard not know the lyrics to hits like Baby… One More Time, “Sometimes”, “Crazy” and “Oops, I Did it Again!” There was just something about late 90’s early – 2000’s music that basically drafted you into a ‘forever cult’ of music lovers.

I recently went to Britney’s show Piece of Me while I was in Vegas. It was a fun experience but Britney has never been someone who I considered a master of vocal range. She was never a Mariah, a Christina, or an Adele. She was Britney. Britney with the catchy beat.

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When the Sky Strikes – Part One

The lights flickered in the backroom.

I wasn’t sure if we were on the verge of a blackout or an invasion. Not like that mattered now. I returned to my room and retrieved the Colt .45 on my dresser. My dad said the .45 was a weird choice for someone like me. He expected me to get one of the new fancy ‘death rays’ that had come out last year. As much as I loved technology I didn’t trust it to protect me. My .45 was not the biggest shot but it had saved me a few dozen times. It ain’t broke.

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Welcome to Tea & Fiction


Welcome to the very humble beginnings of Tea & Fiction. 

We are very excited you are here and we hope you bookmark us and visit us again. We are a small group of writers with an interest in creative writing, pop culture movies, and the thing that truly brings us all together: tea!

In the future, will house a variety of different forms of writing from personal creative writing pieces, to reviews and recommendations for books and movies and various commentaries on pop culture.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and if you have any comments or questions feel free to post a comment below or reach out to us on our contact page!

In the meantime, you can follow us on FaceBook and Twitter!

Much Nerd Love,

J + E