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Let Jean Grey Be Reborn Anew in the MCU

I had convinced myself to be hopeful (something I’m working on). I wanted to think that Century Fox had taken a long enough break from the butchered  X-Men Dark Phoenix attempt of 2006.

I was wrong.  Fox, is like your ex. Prone to disappointing.

The worst part of this 12-year relationship is that I actually had some hope when I heard the Dark Phoenix trailer was dropping. Like, maybe they’ll go back to their Days and Future Past style and get something right for a change.

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Tea & Review: A Quiet Place

Horror films are a difficult genre to take on. You have to hold your audience by both sides of their head and pulling them in and out of suspense.

It is easy to lose your audience though when the gimmicks get overused and the desperate desire to shock and awe is too much to take in. You can lose your audience.

I was intrigued when I heard John Krasinski was doing a horror film. I was not a fan of his first directorial debut: The Hollars. So, going into A Quiet Place I was uncertain how to go about assessing it.

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Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 9

It has been far too long since Legion has been on television and thankfully the season premiere of season two did not disappoint.

One of the amazing things about the season one of Legion was how intimate we as viewers were with David (Dan Stevens). Whatever confusion or uneasiness David experienced came through in an obscure, yet beautiful assortment of edited images. Viewers were in step with every disconnected moment in David’s head. This created a narrative that created its own reality, or at least a reality that David believed to be true.

By the end of season one, David is (for lack of a more accurate term) “better”. He has gained more control and understanding of himself. He realizes he isn’t crazy, he’s a very powerful mutant.

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Tea & Review: Legends of Tomorrow, Season 3, Episode 1: Aruba-Con

When we last left our diamonds in the rough heroes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow the team had seemingly “broken time”. Our original leader, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) had given his leading position to Sara Lance (Caity Lotz).

Last season suffered without the presence of Mr. Hunter along with the plotlines that didn’t quite live up to season one.

However, from the get-go Rip Hunter is no longer trying to figure out his place among the Legends. Now, he’s graduated from time pirate to laced up Men in Black (or Blue?)

In a span of minutes… or five years (time is super fluid) Rip has found a new group to enforce his rules on now that the Legends have outgrown him.

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My First Apartment, My First Ghost

I was so excited to finally have my own place. Well, not my ‘own, own’ place. I shared it with two other people. But it was exciting nonetheless. There are many things you come to expect when you trek out on your own into the world: bills, weird roommate situations, and really noisy neighbors. However, I never expected ghosts to be that list.

The first time I “encountered” my fourth roommate I was exiting my room into the shared hallway/kitchen area with a direct view of the living room. It was dark. I was alone. I was barely out of my bedroom doorframe when the TV…. turned on.

It didn’t even turn on to a regular television station.

I remember just standing there, my hands behind me holding the doorknob of my room to close it. That was eerie timing, I remember thinking. I think I may have even said, “Hello?”

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