Astro-bite: Curiosity

Editor’s Note: A forthcoming collection of poetry titled Liberating the Astronauts by Christina M. Rau will be debuting in 2017. Tea & Fiction is very excited to share excerpts from the collection. From the Pointer Sisters doing the Neutron Dance to David Bowman’s exclamation while traveling through the stargate near Jupiter— from stealing Joan Didion’s sadness to erasing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby— this collection weaves its way through the paradoxical struggle of wanting freedom while fearing it.

In Liberating The Astronauts, we see that not fitting in gives us the freedom to stand out.

from Curiosity

Though sound does not carry
it hums to itself, each movement

becomes a note on the line
between the lines, sheet music

coded somewhere deep. Deeply
digging, or a shallow swipe—

the experiments happen auto-
matically it seems. Every day

a record of date, time, temperature.
Every day, roving and digging.

Robots have feelings, too. Laugh and cry along with fellow sentient beings in Liberating The Astronauts (Aqueduct Press 2017).

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