Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 6

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FX’s Legion: Season 1, Episode 6, Chapter 6 starts at the beginning of where it all began, with one small exception: it is definitely not real.

At the end of Chapter¬†5, we found our characters trapped in a memory. A re-creation of David Haller (Dan Stevens) and Syd Barret’s (Rachel Keller) time in the mental hospital. Unfortunately, no one seems to possess a memory of what happened prior.

This definitely has something to do with what Carry said previously. He suspected the being riding around inside David is also able to manipulate his memories. The creature is probably also able to change the memories of everyone else. At this point, everyone seems synced up together.

The creature has so much control over David. At this point that it is able to manipulate how he views others. It convinces David that Syd is the psychotic one. The creature has David’s mind wrapped around its finger, creating a false sense of security and calm that is a stark departure from David’s normal state.

It is curious why the creature uses David’s sister Amy Haller (Katie Aselton) as the imposing figure that goes out of her way to annoy David and Syd. Again, as stated in an earlier review, this could have to do with trying to chip away at David’s close connection to his sister. Without that strong connection, it may be easier to manipulate him.

It is odd that Syd is the only one who seems to really be questioning what is happening. In some ways, this could be chalked up to Syd’s close connection to David’s mind. Syd isn’t as impacted by the creature’s manipulation abilities.

The creature seems to know this since Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) goes out of her way to prevent Syd from trying to do anything about it. Lenny also seems to have complete control of David’s mind at this point. She dances throughout his memories in celebration.

Lenny lays it out all on the table at the end of the episode. She tells David she knew his father, Professor Xavier. After some sleuthing in some of the Legion related message boards, it seems that fans believe that the Yellow Eyed Monster is, in fact, the Shadow King.

According to Marvel history, the Shadow King and Professor X had an intense battle. A battle that resulted in the Shadow King being stuck in the Astral Plane.

This development links up nicely with Oliver Bird’s (Jermaine Clement) Astral Plane ice cube palace. It would also explain why he’s going out of his way to free the team from the mental prison of the Shadow King.

Oliver is stuck on the Astral Plane himself. It may afford him a more powerful position than anyone else to retrieve the team from their current state. It even seems he’s able to bring his wife Melaine Bird (Jean Smart) to a place in reality where she can see their physical bodies. But Lenny seems wise to what is happening. When she imprisons David in a dark, bottomless coffin of sorts she seems to be preparing to finalize her plans against David once and for all.

This end of this episode sets up the groundwork for a major jailbreak. It could ultimately force David to confront the Shadow King once in for all. It would be very fitting if David and the Shadow King dueled it for the series finale.

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