Virago: Part the Ninth — Dreams

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Smiles

Seeing Barbara at 7-Eleven annoyed Kelsey. Turtle Creek was a small town, but it wasn’t that small.  Her presence reminded her of what she had said about Kelsey’s parents. The false sincerity. It left a bad taste in her mouth.

Something else was off about Barbara. She seemed vaguely hypocritical. The way she would silently despise Kelsey, but be openly curious about her. Barbara knew Kelsey was different, but how?

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Tea & Review: Logan

The only unfortunate thing about the film Logan it is the last movie showcasing Hugh Jackman as everyone’s favorite mutant.

Overall, Logan is a big departure from what’s been expected of Marvel’s X-Men franchise.

Apocalypse was a bad movie. Sure, you could try to look for good moments (i.e. Michael Fassbender) but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot.

The movie Deadpool really opened up a lot for Logan. For a long time now superheroes have been good and shiny the way superheroes are “meant to be”.

But when Deadpool dropped Hollywood took a breath and stepped back. It was almost like they forgot what made certain superheroes so popular. Deadpool, for one, isn’t exactly a character that holds up the shiny, gloss like template like the many movies before.

With that in mind, the idea of a gritty, broken down superhero seemed like an obvious choice. Enter old man Logan.

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Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 7

FX‘s Legion: Season 1, Episode 7, Chapter 7 spells it out for the audience on a drawing board, in the most literal way possible.

The past six chapters have been an abstract, creative buildup. Chapter 7, however, gives a literal breakdown of details of events that have transpired from before David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) birth.

Surprisingly, Oliver Bird (Jermaine Clement) is the one to figure it out. Oliver doesn’t have the best grasp of reality. But I suppose it takes one to know one in this universe.

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Demon Part 9


Kallan straightens her back and hears her spine crack and pop.  Her muscles are both numb and achy for sitting in one position for so long.  But at least she’s at home. Her desk is covered in files and her laptop looks as tired as she does.  She finishes the last bit of her high-caffeine tea and gets up to walk to the kitchen to fix another cup.

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Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 6

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FX’s Legion: Season 1, Episode 6, Chapter 6 starts at the beginning of where it all began, with one small exception: it is definitely not real.

At the end of Chapter 5, we found our characters trapped in a memory. A re-creation of David Haller (Dan Stevens) and Syd Barret’s (Rachel Keller) time in the mental hospital. Unfortunately, no one seems to possess a memory of what happened prior.

This definitely has something to do with what Carry said previously. He suspected the being riding around inside David is also able to manipulate his memories. The creature is probably also able to change the memories of everyone else. At this point, everyone seems synced up together. Continue reading Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 6

Tea & Review: The Red Turtle (2016)

The Red Turtle is an animated film about a man stranded on an island who later meets a large red turtle, hence the title. It is also a Studio Ghibli and Wild Bunch film. This is the first film for Studio Ghibli since 2014. While this is the first feature film for animator director Michaël Dudok de Wit.

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Virago: Part the Eighth — Smiles

First chapter: Fire & Rain

Previous chapter: Nostalgia

The rain pattered against Kelsey’s bedroom window. A forlorn leaf affixed itself to the lower pane, askew. There would be no sun infiltrating the clouds today. Kelsey awoke uncomfortably. It was a reluctant move on her part. Every day was the same. On her absolute laziest days, she wouldn’t even open her eyes for the first twenty minutes. Instead, she would focus the tiny sliver of her alert mind upon a crumpled t-shirt or a pair of jeans in the corner of the room. On her good days, she could sleepily drag those discarded pieces of clothing towards the bed. On her bad days, sometimes they would catch on fire.

The latter wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She liked timing how long it would take for her sister to smell the smoke and come careening into the room with a fire extinguisher. Only then would Kelsey flash an impish grin and douse the fire herself without raising a finger. She knew Hannah knew. But Hannah was too rigid in her ways. She would never own up to the fact that her sister had an interesting repertoire of skills. Kelsey couldn’t understand her. She would totally be supportive of Hannah if she ended up having superpowers of her own.

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Tea & Review: Legion – Chapter 5

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FX‘s Legion: Season 1, Episode 5, Chapter 5 once again proves that we know even less about David Haller (Dan Stevens) than we thought we did.

Ladies, if a man ever creepily whispers that he’s the magic man and that he’s found a way for you to be together: run, run screaming into the night.

Unfortunately for Syd Barret (Rachel Keller), it isn’t that surprisingly how someone so closed off for so long would ultimately be so accepting of this abrupt change in behavior.

Love is blind, just as sex is addicting. For Syd, the idea of sexual interaction blinds her to how oddly calm and collected David is. For the past four episodes, David has been an unstable wreck, held together with tape. It is a little hard to believe Syd would be fine with the “new David”. But you have to take into consideration this is the first time Syd has had a prolonged sexual experience. A sexual experience that didn’t result in her swapping bodies. Syd is finally able to experience physical joy without consequences. Like many that have come before her, that’s more than enough to make her look the other way on other things.

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Liberating The Astronauts Book Release

For some time now, Tea & Fiction have been releasing abridged portions of the poems from the collection of poetry by Christina Rau.

We are very excited to announce that the collection has finally been released and ready for your consumption!

In case you forgot! Here are a few of the excerpts that we posted not too long ago.

Astro-bite: Microsampling Mission

Astro-bite: The Remains Of The

Astro-bite: Neutron Dance

Astro-bite: Sounds of Privacy 

You have the option of purchasing a digital or physical copy here.

Tea & Review: Fiasco Theater Presents – Into the Woods

Into the Woods is what I would consider my first introduction into broadway musicals.

I’m a big fan of fairy tales. The fusion of old school fairy tales tangled together under a series of darker themes was intriguing to me as I rewound it again on again on my grandparents VCR.

Much like when Hollywood remakes things a certain magic is absent in the finished product.

Sometimes the most magic lives in the simple.

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