Demon Part 7

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Kallan sits at her desk filling out paperwork for other case files for the first time in weeks.  Paperwork, as mundane as it, can be soothing.  When the brain power needed, is to make sure that the correct words filled in the correct spots.  Followed by a summary of the actions taken during the case. Boring but effective.

After the explosion.  The department dedicated as many resources necessary to the incident.  Without crippling the other cases or work.  Many hours of overtime later, the incident now has a lower priority.

Giving the case a  lower priority is understandable, especially after so long. The explosion caused no property damage.  All the buildings within the immediate vicinity are still standing. Even the house where the explosion originated from is still standing.  Pristine as ever as if the incident never occurred.

Emergency wards were not filled with people with physical injuries. Firefighters and police were not sent out in massive fleets to meet disasters and to quell panic.  If it was not for what felt like a massive shock wave, no one would have noticed it.

The devastation came a moment later, and it came from the magic. The circles at the scene masked the magic.  Barriers to keep whatever the casters were doing a secret.  But the magic ran out when the casters died and faulted magic had no where to go but out.  The magic was able to spread to about a half a mile.  The house was in a quiet suburban part of the city with little traffic.  Far from the busy and heavy populated city center.

People who were near the explosion fainted.  Their bodies fell as if cut from life as they crumbled onto themselves.  People half a mile away suffered different effects.    They described their bodies being covered in lacerations.  As if cut by invisible knives that were both blunt and sharp.

All available healers were either at the explosion site or emergency wards. As people wheeled in by the droves, from adults to children suffered from either unconsciousness or pain.

When the story did break out to the public about people in a sleepy suburb falling ill from an unknown cause.  Some people thought that a new pandemic hit the country.  It did not help and people a city away began to panic,  as people suggested planning on how to keep the public safe.

Even though everyone not within the half mile suffered no effects.  So while the explosion did affect the people in the half mile radius, the people who did suffer were all able go back to their lives.  The aftermath of filled hospital beds and mass paranoia made up for it.

All the casters, hunters, and rangers available are on a rotation with case and keeping up some of their usual duties. They worked all hours of the day.  Kallan went out to interview and inspect where were her supervisor pointed her towards for anything that even had a whiff of the incident on it. But like all things, the explosion left the public conscience.  Especially since little information and movement happened in the case from the proceedings.

With the quietness of information afterward.  The idea that the incident being a magical accident, gained weight.  That combining the wrong spells and items, caused the explosion.  That the victims botched the casting and did not know the after effects of the misdone spell.  Kallan hoped that it was true.

Magical accidents do happen.  Things do go wrong.  A myriad of little things can build up to an accident, like the wrong type of candle or the wrong shade of paint.  If that so happens to be part of a magic users repertoire.  Kallan’s been to an accident caused by the wrong type of water and that had not been pretty.  So Kallan is all in for labeling the incident as a magical accident.  Just so she can stop having enforced, no not enforced.  Her supervisor called it “suggested” overtime, heavy on the suggesting.

But unfortunately, in the back of her mind, she can’t forget the damnable rings. The damaged magical rings. Only faint etchings on the floor. It  suggested a magic user that known how to build shields, strong shields. Those circles were intricate, and that did not give weight to the botched magic idea. Unless they only knew how to make magical shields. Which would be odd but not impossible?

Kallan sighed as looked at the clock. Only a few hours to go and then she can be back home with Oria. She would have time to hang out with Jim. Jim looked like he was living out of his office since the explosion. Not that Kallan was any better since all she could do was sleep a few hours and feed Oria when at home.

Kallan hasn’t been able to play or take Oria into the garden at all. Thank goodness that Oria has the harness.  It gave her the ability to go into the garden by herself without fear and control over the magic in the apartment, especially its defenses. Kallan wouldn’t have been able to work with the idea of Oria being defenseless at home.

Looking at the clock Kallan noticed she still had some time left, but she had finished her paperwork. Not caring anymore and having too many overtime hours, she took off early. But not before going to bother Jim about hanging out for the weekend. To which he said.

“Yes, and make sure there’s beer. I’ll bring bourbon.”

Those were good words. Kallan felt lighter than she had been in a while as she drove back home.

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