American Horror Story Season 6 Finale: It’s Finally Over!!!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

American Horror Story has a tradition with its last episodes. Every season there is an entire episode dedicated to an epilogue, where we ‘wrap up’ so to speak, and find out how the story ultimately ends. After the way the last episode ended, it should be pretty easy. Lee gets arrested, found guilty of multiple counts of murder that are well documented on tape. Tie a little bow on it, send it off, and we’re done.



Of course not, Ryan Murphy would never let something so sensible be the conclusion, that would be too easy.

Instead, we have a true crime TV show inside a TV show inside a TV show about Lee’s story as a murderer. Turns out, she got acquitted! Apparently, poisoned pot made her do it? Yep, not a flaw to be found in that plan. Also, Lee exploits her daughter’s haunting/delusional experience in the trial so she won’t have to go to jail for murdering Mason, which she already confessed to on face.

Mother of the year right here.

But it’s not over yet! The murder trail is just the beginning! Lee hasn’t had her cross-seasonal tying thread yet. Naturally, she gets to be interviewed by Lana Winters. Remember her? One of the main protagonists from season 2, Asylum. We have the meeting of AHS’s strongest season with one of its weakest in a bizarre crossing of ships in the Ryan Murphy port.

Then, one of the hilly-billies comes in to shoot up the interview! Only to get shot by a police officer shortly after. That was definitely a necessary plot point, right?

But forget about all that, we have to have yet ANOTHER fake TV show inside our regular TV show! A Ghost Hunters rip off going back into the Roanoke murder house. Woop-de-doo. Lee crashes the party to yell at them before they all get killed by various ghosts.

In the end, Lee sacrifices herself to the ghosts to set her daughter free,and we get an ‘open ended’ conclusion of the colonial procession coming upon the police cars outside the house.

This season was a grand disappointment. AHS managed to take two ideas which would have been great on their own and combine them into a sloppy, stilted mess. In my opinion, they should have taken just one of these concepts to make a season around. Go with either the colonial Roanoke historical ghost mystery or go with the ghost-show-re-enacting cast idea. Either would have been more entertaining and focused on their own, but together? This season was just a raging disappointment. It began promising, but went downhill, ultimately ending with a pitiful whimper.

Asylum is still the best of all AHS seasons. We’ll see if they can get lucky number 7 right next year.

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