Demon – Part 5

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t caught up check out Part 1 Part 2 , Part 3, and Part 4 of Demon.

The hallway leading from the offices to the council room is not a long one. Kallan is not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  With her report in her hand, she pushes through the double doors.  It is always disorienting going into the council room, no matter how many times she does it.

Entering the council room is like stepping into a different world.  It is a mixture of dark wood and stone.  The seams between the planks of wood and tiles of stone are invisible.  As if carved out instead of built together.  The room also has no windows and the only light comes from the giant hanging and standing oil lamps.

There is a raised platform with a long judge’s bench on top, where the council sits.  It is high enough where the speaker in front of the bench has to tilt their head up to see to members.  The room is dark, dramatic, and austere.

Kallan hates it.  It is oppressive and even the air in the room feels heavy.  Like breathing in soup.  Kallan wishes the council asked to meet in one of their offices.  She doesn’t understand why this report needs to be given in the official council room.  Even if they are going to discuss the issued duel.  This courtroom is  created to intimidate and it does.

Kallan sees Soren already standing in front of the council seats.  His own report in his hand.  Her boots echo as she walks.  They stand side by side and don’t speak to each other.  Soren is actually not a bad sort and he is a talented caster.  It’s the reason why he can lead a band.  But he and Kallan don’t get along and have a weak working relationship at best.  It is no wonder why Soren issued the duel and Kallan accepted.

A large side door opens and the nine council members walk in and take their respective seats.  Kallan and Soren hold out their reports.  They float and multiply, landing in front of  each council member and  they begin to read.  The silence is anxiety inducing and people have fainted before.  But fortunately or unfortunately,  Kallan’s used to it and has a good straight face.  She is going to need tea afterward but it’s alright.  She’ll just go and bother Jim.  All the council finishes at the same time, it looks like it is choreographed.

“We have read the reports and an investigation must be held.  It is strange that a nameless demon is able to exact such damage and summon lessers.  Such a creature should not be able to have such power.”

One of the members spoke.  It was right to hold an investigation because a nameless demon should not be able to summon.  It should not be able to break a circle or kill five hunters.  It was like the demon had gained a power boost but from where?

“Now we must address the issue of the duel.”

Another council member said.

“It seems that a duel was issued and accepted.  It is known that you have differences.  But will a duel solve this issue?”

“Let them fight, they are adults.”

“They are not barbarians! This violence is not necessary.”

“If Soren was willing to issue such a challenge he mush have his reasons.”

“That is true! Soren is not a rash person.”

“The fact that Soren has issued such a challenge means that he is.”

“To issue a duel means it must be accepted.  Kallan has no choice but to accept.  The magic compels it.”

“This is a reason why real duels are often not done.  This isn’t some training session.  Lives have been lost because of it.”

“All the more reason why they must fight.  To agree to such thing, they must know the consequences.”

The members continued to argue.  A few were silent and watching the others get riled up.  She peaked over a Soren and he was as stoic as ever.  Kallan’s mind started to wander and wished for a cup of tea.

“Silence it is obvious that we each have different thoughts on the matter.  We will reconvene on Monday and a decision will be made them.  You both are dismissed.”

Kallan could only sigh internally.  As she watched the council members leave.  They both stood there for a second before Soren turns, cast a look at Kallan and leaves.  She hears the double doors close.

Kallan lets out a real sigh.  Now she has to wait until Monday to get a final decision.  Part of Kallan wished that the council would have made a decision then and there even if it meant a duel.  Kallan sighs again and wonders if 3’oclock was too early to start drinking.  She turns and walks out of the room towards medical.

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