Westworld is Not the New Westeros

I didn’t write about last week’s Westworld. Reason being, I wasn’t sure what to say. We’ve been stuck in this weird loop of questions: “What’s happening? Why is it happening? Who are these people?”

Despite my fascination with the series, I’ve grown a little frustrated. While the writers and producers have sprinkled hints of the “awakening” of the hosts, I’m finding that by episode four the plot is taking far too much of its sweet time. There are only ten episodes in this series after all.

I’ve read a few things here and there crediting HBO for creating a science fiction version of Game of Thrones. I think we are far too early in this story to be comparing Westworld to the show that gave us the Red Wedding.

Obviously, there is a specific plotline in play here. This may be one of the few storylines I am legitly clueless as to where this is going. In some ways, Westworld is taking a lot of the similar cues from Game of Thrones. We have a lot of characters. Almost too many. We also have a shit of plotlines and hidden agendas. But as of now those are still being kept on on silent.

While I appreciate the time the writers have taken in creating a very alluring storyline but at some point baiting the audience further and further into the story without any form of reward is frustrating.

Games of Thrones was slow in the first episode but quickly sped up. For all I know, Westworld is slowly morphing into something bigger than I could have imagined. I am personally just waiting for Dolores to break out of her cookie-cutter programming. I mean, she seems to be doing that but again that too is inching along. All for good reason, I can assume.

GOTs, unlike what Westworld has done thus far, is good about paying up on big events. This was true even in the first series. We aren’t left in suspense for that long.

Westworld seems to be working it differently. So far, we have an updated program that is causing the hosts to act all funky but there seems to be more to it that no one seems to want to discuss. We have the Man in Black would who is aiming to die in Westworld for some reason. We have our Puppet Master cooking up a plotline that is about to piss off all of the Westworld investors and we have a host no one seems to realize is developing a legitimate consciousness outside of her programming. For the love of tuna, can we start connecting some damned plot points already?

And God, can we please give Teddy another storyline than being kicked around all the time. Let’s ramp up the character development people! It is also really weird to me that the humans are flatter than the robots themselves.

I’ve been hoping that after that really amazingly shot scene with the Paint it Black instrumental that was the sign that things were gonna be swinging from the ceiling. The robots were gonna revert into an all out rebellion and the tormenting humans were gonna face the flames.

Not so much.

Episode four still offers breadcrumbs of a trail that could end up being a glorious thing because as much as I enjoy slowly uncovering any plotline there comes a point where you have to step back and say, “Is it worth it?”

I’m hoping next week proves me wrong.

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