Grey’s Anatomy: Soapy Science

I just finished the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy available on Netflix, an accomplishment that feels more or less on par with turning in my Master’s thesis. I mean, look at the time I invested in this show. According to a quick scroll through IMDB, seasons one through twelve were comprised of 268 episodes. At 43 Netflix minutes apiece, that means I spent 11,524 minutes, or 192 hours, watching this show. (I once calculated that I spent 800 hours behind the microscope for my grad school project, so the thesis comparison is not totally out of line.)

Let me first get this out of the way: I know that Grey’s Anatomy is kind of dumb. I could probably have spent those 192 hours on much better things. Yoga teacher training, perhaps, or filibustering. But I also think that Grey’s (as fans call it) isn’t a total waste of time. In fact, I think it gets a lot less credit than it deserves.

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Tea & Review: Blair Witch

I was 13-years old when “The Blair Witch” was released. My parents and I went to The Bridge theatre in San Francisco. Watching Rated-R movies wasn’t a new thing but I think this was probably my first legitimate horror movie. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited. Everyone was talking about. Everyone in school was talking about it. I was sure it was going to be an experience.

I remember my mom digging her nails digging into my leg for most of the movie. It didn’t help that the theatre was small, which only made the whole found footage, jittery camera thing so much more intense.

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Eidolon – Part One

He always feels it in his fingers first.

The condensation from his beer slowly seeped into the fabric of his arm rest.  It was another humid day.  Like every other day these past two months his body rinses off in the shower and drinks a beer. He should be hungry.  He hasn’t eaten since his bites of toast from this morning. 

That should have been his first clue.

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American Horror Story Goes Full Canon

Warning! Spoilers! 


After a little over a week of watching nondescript commercials that managed to be as vague as possible and that utilized classic horror motifs from past horror movies: American Horror Story Season 6 finally aired.

When the credits rolled my reaction was, “What the fuck?! That’s all we get? What the fuck?”

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Tea & Review: All The Birds in the Sky

All The Birds in the Sky

By: Charlie Jane Anders

I strongly suspected I would like “All the Birds in the Sky” by io9 editor Charlie Jane Anders. When I put out an open call through my FaceBook for science fiction / fantasy books I immediately checked it out the description on Amazon when someone suggested I check it out.

The story centers on Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead. Patricia discovers she has a strong connection to nature with her ability to talk to animals. Laurence is a tech nerd who a future genius in the making.

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Star Trek: The Animated Series – Netflix’s Best Kept Secret?

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, I thought I would shine a mini-spotlight on a show that rarely gets mentioned when fans talk about their favourite Star Trek series.

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Celebrating Star Trek’s 50th with our Favorite Episodes–Part Two

Editor’s Note: In our continued celebration the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s 50 we are rolling out batches of our favorite episodes throughout the many seasons. Missed some? Check out part one

Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Trouble with Tribbles, Season 2, Episode 13

The back story of this episode is about the Federation and the Klingon Empire wanting to claim Sherman’s Planet. With both sides signing a treaty saying that whoever can develop the planet first, gets claim.

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When the Sky Strikes – Part Two

Editor’s Note: Check out part one When the Sky Strikes 

We retreated to Harold’s lab, which was essentially the bottom floor of his apartment that used to be the buildings laundromat. He liked to claim it had the best “Dead Zone” that prevented transmissions of any kind. I was more skeptical of this because there was one time I swear I got a Facebook notification, but that years ago. Gosh, Facebook. Is it weird that I miss that?

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ATLANTA is Donald Glover’s Canvas

I was really excited when I heard about FX debuting a series by Donald Glover titled: ATLANTA.

Like most people, I got introduced to Donald Glover through NBC’s  (later acquired by YAHOO!) Community from 2009-2014 before Glover left the show to work on his budding musical career (i.e Childish Gambino).

Not gonna lie, I was pretty heartbroken over Glover’s decision to leave Community. My heart will never recover from losing: Troy and Abed in the Morning!

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