Soapy Science: When Doctors Attack

Welcome to episode one of season thirteen, which also happens to be episode one of my attempt to chronicle Grey’s Anatomy in real time.

When we left off last season, Jo, Alex, and DeLuca had gotten themselves into a silly, easily solved predicament; Amelia warmed up her cold, cold feet and married Owen; poor April had to undergo emergency C-section under unusual circumstances, as per Grey’s tradition (has anybody ever just straight-up had a baby on this show?); Meredith, Riggs, and Maggie entered the sort of obtuse love triangle that always leaves one poor sap out in the cold; and Arizona found a way to repair the awfulness of season 12’s custody battle.

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Demon – Part 3

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t caught up check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Demon.

Kallan parks her old moss-green car in the back lot of an old office building.  Converted from offices to apartments, it still has that old world charm and character.  She takes the elevator to the top floor and then a private stairwell to the rooftop apartment.  The apartment is nestled in a large garden; lush and green with a myriad of plants, flowers, and trees.  It is jarring compared to the city that surrounds it, as if displace from a land of rolling hills.  Luck was very kind to her when she found this place and Kallan burned all the Gardenias she had on hand in thanks.  Continue reading Demon – Part 3

Review: American Horror Story: Season 6; Episode 3 – CROATOAN!


Remember how last time I mentioned that the countdown to ‘Croatoan?’ Well, your clocks can stop now, because last night on “My Roanoke Nightmare” we got several ear-fulls of the word.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let’s begin where we last left off, with Angela Bassett’s daughter being missing after she kidnapped her child from school. Apparently, no one decided that would be a good thing to mention to the police because Episode 3 begins with a manhunt for little Flora and no shackles on Bassett. But don’t worry, her ex-husband, played by Charles Malik Whitfield, has his suspicions about it. He later is burned in a Blair Witch style effigy for his common sense. AHS can’t afford to have that kind of logic.

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Twenty-Nine Sci-Fi Films You Need to Watch Right Now

Last week, the trailer for the Sci-Fi thriller “Passengers” dropped. We could go on bit about a movie that isn’t going to come around for a few months, however, we decided it would be better to highlight some of our favorite Sci-Fi flicks that you can see right now.

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American Horror Story: Episode 2 (AKA: Jumping 3 Sharks at Once)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

With the second episode freshly aired, there are a few things on my mind with this season of AHS. Like… Why do these people keep living in a house which is clearly either haunted or lined in hallucinogenic mushrooms? Where did that 24-hour cop-car go when the bloody butcher knife was stuck in the front door? And where the heck is Evan Peters and Lady Gaga?!

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Tea & Review: Time Out of Joint

Time Out Of Joint

By: Philip K. Dick

Written by Philip K. Dick, Time Out Of Joint was a science fiction novel from 1959 set in an ordinary American suburbia where a man with a rather repetitive, dull existence starts to notice some strange goings-on before paranoia fully sets in.

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Sailor Moon: The Missing Backstory and Villains in Disguise

Editor’s Note: Twenty-one years ago the Sailor Moon series debuted in America giving young girls one of the first female centric superhero shows. It also created a whole market dedicated to trading cards, stickers and toys. While Sailor Moon basically  unofficially started Tea & Fiction, we have always had many issues with the various plot holes and lack of a backstory that left us grasping at straws. Today, we discuss these issues and the potentially darker plot line unexplored in the anime series.